Pubblicazioni Dottorandi XXXIV


Pubblicazioni dei Dottorandi XXXIV ciclo (2019-2022)



  • Robustelli della Cuna, F.S., Cortis, P., Esposito, F., De Agostini, A., Sottani, C., Sanna, C. (2022) Chemical Composition of Essential Oil from Four Sympatric Orchids in NW-Italy. Plants, 11 (6), art. no. 826
  • De Agostini, A., Cogoni, A., Cortis, P., Vacca, A., Becerril, J.M., Hernández, A., Esteban, R. (2022) Heavy metal tolerance strategies in metallicolous and non-metallicolous populations of mosses: Insights of γ+β-tocopherol regulatory role. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 194, art. no. 104738
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  • Ravera, S., Puglisi, M., Vizzini, A., Assini, S., Barcella, M., Berta, G., Boccardo, F., Bonini, I., Bottegoni, F., Ciotti, R., Clericuzio, M., Cogoni, A., Dagnino, D., De Agostini, A., de Giuseppe, A.B., Dovana, F., Gheza, G., Isocrono, D., Maiorca, G., Mariotti, M., Nascimbene, J., Nimis, P.L., Ongaro, S., Pandeli, G., Passalacqua, N.G., Pezzi, G., Poponessi, S., Prosser, F., Puntillo, D., Puntillo, M., Sicoli, G., Turcato, C., Vallese, C. (2021) Notulae to the Italian flora of algae, bryophytes, fungi and lichens: 12. Italian Botanist, 12, pp. 49-62.
  • Ravera, S., Puglisi, M., Vizzini, A., Aleffi, M., Benesperi, R., Decarli, G.B., Berta, G., Bianchi, E., Boccardo, F., Briozzo, I., Clericuzio, M., Cogoni, A., Croce, A., Dagnino, D., De Agostini, A., De Giuseppe, A.B., Di Nuzzo, L., Dovana, F., Fačkovcová, Z., Gheza, G., Loppi, S., Malíček, J., Mariotti, M., Nascimbene, J., Nimis, P.L., Paoli, L., Passalacqua, N.G., Plášek, V., Poponessi, S., Prosser, F., Puntillo, D., Puntillo, M., Rovito, S., Sguazzin, F., Sicoli, G., Tiburtini, M., Tomaselli, V., Turcato, C., Vallese, C. (2021) Notulae to the Italian flora of algae, bryophytes, fungi and lichens: II. Italian Botanist, 11, pp. 45-61.
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  • Farci, D., Haniewicz, P., Cocco, E., De Agostini, A., Cortis, P., Kusaka, M., Loi, M.C., Piano, D. (2020) The Impact of Fruit Etiolation on Quality of Seeds in Tobacco. Frontiers in Plant Science, 11, art. no. 563971.
  • De Agostini, A., Cortis, P., Cogoni, A. (2020) Monitoring of air pollution by moss bags around an oil refinery: A critical evaluation over 16 years. Atmosphere, 11 (3), art. no. 272.
  • De Agostini, A., Caltagirone, C., Caredda, A., Cicatelli, A., Cogoni, A., Farci, D., Guarino, F., Garau, A., Labra, M., Lussu, M., Piano, D., Sanna, C., Tommasi, N., Vacca, A., Cortis, P. (2020) Heavy metal tolerance of orchid populations growing on abandoned mine tailings: A case study in Sardinia Island (Italy). Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 189, art. no. 110018.
  • Lussu, M., De Agostini, A., Cogoni, A., Marignani, M., Cortis, P. (2019) Does size really matter? A comparative study on floral traits in orchids with two different pollination strategies. Plant Biology, 21 (5), pp. 961-966.
  • Fenu, G., Bernardo, L., Calvo, R., Cortis, P., De Agostini, A., Gangale, C., Gargano, D., Gargano, M.L., Lussu, M., Medagli, P., Perrino, E.V., Sciandrello, S., Wagensommer, R.P., Orsenigo, S. (2019) Global and regional IUCN red list assessments: 8. Italian Botanist, 8, pp. 17-33.


Dr. Valentino DEMURTAS

  • Demurtas, V., Orrù, P.E., Deiana, G. (2021) Evolution of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations in relation with uplift and fluvial capture processes in central eastern sardinia (Italy) Land, 10 (11), art. no. 1193
  • Deiana, G., Lecca, L., Melis, R.T., Soldati, M., Demurtas, V., Orrù, P.E. (2021) Submarine geomorphology of the southwestern sardinian continental shelf (Mediterranean sea): Insights into the last glacial maximum sea-level changes and related environments.  Water, 13 (2), art. no. 155
  • Demurtas, V., Orrù, P.E., Deiana, G. (2021) Deep-seated gravitational slope deformations in central Sardinia: insights into the geomorphological evolution. Journal of Maps, 17 (2), pp. 594-607.
  • Melis, M.T., Pelo, S.D., Erbì, I., Loche, M., Deiana, G., Demurtas, V., Meloni, M.A., Dessì, F., Funedda, A., Scaioni, M., Scaringi, G. (2020) Thermal remote sensing from UAVs: A review on methods in coastal cliffs prone to landslides. Remote Sensing, 12 (12), art. no. 1971
  • Podda, S., Melis, M.T., Collu, C., Demurtas, V., Perseu, F.O., Brunetti, M.T., Scaioni, M. (2020) New Morphometric Data of Lunar Sinuous Rilles. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 13, art. no. 9119785, pp. 3304-3316.
  • Melis, M.T., Brunetti, M.T., Collu, C., Demurtas, V., Fiorucci, S., Podda, S., Scaioni, M., Zinzi, A. (2019) Morphometric analysis of lunar sinuous rilles. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2019-July, art. no. 8900143, pp. 4904-4907.


Dr. Gianluigi FARRU

  • Farru, G., Cappai, G., Carucci, A., De Gioannis, G., Asunis, F., Milia, S., Muntoni, A., Perra, M., Serpe, A. (2022) A cascade biorefinery for grape marc: recovery of materials and energy through thermochemical and biochemical processes. Science of the Total Environment, vol. 846, Art. number 157464.
  • Catenacci, A., Boniardi, G., Mainardis, M., Gievers, F., Farru, G., Asunis, F., Malpei, F., Goi, D., Cappai, G., Canziani, R. (2022) Processes, applications and legislative framework for carbonized anaerobic digestate: Opportunities and bottlenecks. A critical review. Energy Conversion and Management, 263, art. no. 115691.
  • Farru, G., Dang, C.H., Schultze, M., Kern, J., Cappai, G., Libra, J.A. (2022) Benefits and Limitations of Using Hydrochars from Organic Residues as Replacement for Peat on Growing Media. Horticulturae, 8 (4), art. no. 325.
  • Farru, G., Asquer, C., Cappai, G., De Gioannis, G., Melis, E., Milia, S., Muntoni, A., Piredda, M., Scano, E.A. (2022)Hydrothermal carbonization of hemp digestate: influence of operating parameters. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Article in press.
  • Marzban, N., Moheb, A., Filonenko, S., Hosseini, S.H., Nouri, M.J., Libra, J.A., Farru, G. (2021) Intelligent modeling and experimental study on methylene blue adsorption by sodium alginate-kaolin beads. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 186, pp. 79-91.
  • Farru, G., Pavard, G., Joubert, A., Le Cann, P., Andrès, Y. (2020) Airborne microbial contamination in indoor environments – comparison of sampling technologies for enumeration by cultivable method. 16th Conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate: Creative and Smart Solutions for Better Built Environments, Indoor Air 2020. Conference paper.

Dr. Matteo PERRA

  • Perra, M., Bacchetta, G., Muntoni, A., De Gioannis, G., Castangia, I., Rajha, Hiba N., Manca, M.L., Manconi, M. (2022) An outlook on modern and sustainable approaches to the management of grape pomace by integrating green processes, biotechnologies and advanced biomedical approaches. Journal of functional foods, 98, 105276.
  • Perra, M., Cuena-Lombraña, A., Bacchetta, G., Manca, M.L., Manconi, M., Maroun, R.G., Muntoni, A., Tuberoso, C.I.G., Gil, K.A. (2022) Combining Different Approaches for Grape Pomace Valorization: Polyphenols Extraction and Composting of the Exhausted Biomass. Sustainability, 14(17), 10690.
  • Perra, M., Manca, M.L., Tuberoso, C.G., Caddeo, C., Marongiu, F., Peris, J. E., Orrù, G., Ibba, A., Fernàndez-Busquets, X., Fattouch, S., Bacchetta, G., Manconi, M. (2022) A green and cost-effective approach for the efficient conversion of grape byproducts into innovative delivery. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 80, 103103.
  • Perra, M., Fancello, L., Castangia, I., Allaw, M., Escribano-Ferrer, E., Peris, J.E., Usach, I., Manca, M.L., Koycheva, I.K., Georgiev, M.I., Manconi, M. (2022) Formulation and Testing of Antioxidant and Protective Effect of Hyalurosomes Loading Extract Rich in Rosmarinic Acid Biotechnologically Produced from Lavandula angustifolia Miller. Molecules, 27 (8), art. no. 2423.
  • Castangia, I., Manconi, M., Allaw, M., Perra, M., Orrù, G., Fais, S., Scano, A., Escribano-Ferrer, E., Ghavam, M., Rezvani, M., Manca, M.L. (2022) Mouthwash Formulation Co-Delivering Quercetin and Mint Oil in Liposomes Improved with Glycol and Ethanol and Tailored for Protecting and Tackling Oral Cavity. Antioxidants, 11 (2), art. no. 367.
  • Perra, M., Lozano-Sánchez, J., Leyva-Jiménez, F.-J., Segura-Carretero, A., Pedraz, J.L., Bacchetta, G., Muntoni, A., De Gioannis, G., Manca, M.L., Manconi, M. (2021) Extraction of the antioxidant phytocomplex from wine-making by-products and sustainable loading in phospholipid vesicles specifically tailored for skin protection. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 142, art. no. 111959.
  • Casula, E., Manca, M.L., Perra, M., Pedraz, J.L., Lopez-Mendez, T.B., Lozano, A., Calvo, E., Zaru, M., Manconi, M. (2021) Nasal spray formulations based on combined hyalurosomes and glycerosomes loading zingiber officinalis extract as green and natural strategy for the treatment of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis. Antioxidants, 10 (7), art. no. 1109.


Dr.ssa Giulia PUGGIONI

  • Puggioni, G., Milia, S., Unali, V., Ardu, R., Tamburini, E., Balaguer, M.D., Pous, N., Carucci, A., Puig, S. (2022) Effect of hydraulic retention time on the electro-bioremediation of nitrate in saline groundwater. Science of the Total Environment, 845, 157236.
  • Carucci, A., Erby, G., Puggioni, G., Spiga, D., Frugoni, F., Milia, S. (2022) Ammonium recovery from agro-industrial digestate using bioelectrochemical systems. Water Science and Technology, 85 (8), pp. 2432-2441.
  • Puggioni, G., Milia, S., Dessì, E., Unali, V., Pous, N., Balaguer, M.D., Puig, S., Carucci, A. (2021). Combining electro-bioremediation of nitrate in saline groundwater with concomitant chlorine production. Water Research, 206, art. no. 117736


Dr. Giulio SOGOS

  • Manca, P.P., Massacci, G., Pintus, D., Sogos, G. (2021). The flotation of sphalerite mine tailings as a remediation method. Minerals Engineering, 165, art. no. 106862.
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