The Ph.D. program in Philosophy, Epistemology and Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. course, devoted to investigate general issues regarding philosophy, science and humanities. One of the peculiarities of the course is to find out common points among different research fields, and investigate them as potential resources for the advances in the general context of human knowledge.


The program is shifted in three different pilots: (i) Philosophy and history of concepts (ii) Logic and epistemology (iii) Padagogical and psychological sciences.

  • Philosophy and history of concepts. This pilot mostly addresses problems and methodologies of theoretical research, with special reference to the reasoning and thinking models that belongs to model and ancient tradition. The process of conservation and transmission of the ideas and of general knowledge is particularly considered within this pilot.
  • Logic and epistemology. This pilot is mostly devoted to issues regarding logic, foundations of science and the formal analysis of the deductive, natural and human sciences. Special attention is addressed to artificial intelligence, information science and communication of scientific content.
  • Pedagogical and psychological sciences. This pilot addresses educational themes and methodologies, also in accord with their connections with social and psychological environment.  Particular interest is devoted to mind theory and cognitive processes, also regarding language and inclusion of diversity in educational and community contexts.


Actually, the Pd.D. program involves seventy Ph.D. students, distributed along all the three different pilots.

The Ph.D. program  in Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences has a partnership with “Faculdade de Letras” of the “Universidade de Lisboa”, with the “Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank – Research Schools in Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences” and with the Institute of Philosophy of the Austral University, Buenos Aires.

Research collaborations with: Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (USA); CONICET, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (USA); Departamento de Historia de la Filosofia, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain); Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter (United Kingdom).

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