Academic year 2020/2021


Compulsory activities for all PhD students

  • Seminar Information literacy: fonti e strumenti per il recupero delle informazioni bibliografiche, organized by Biblioteca del Distretto delle Scienze Umane, section Dante Alighieri (via Trentino), four meetings, three hours each with final evaluation (in the winter term)
  • Advanced English, organized by Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo (Via Giovanni Porcell 2), 80 hours, levels B2-C1 (in the summer term)
  • Conference by prof. Elisabetta Gola, Language, Truth and World: Metaphors in Science (12th November 2020)
  • Seminar by prof. Emiliano Ilardi on: Communication and Virtual World, two meetings:
    • Sociology of Communication or Mediology? Two Approaches of Communication Research put to the test of the Digital Mediasphere (20th October 2020);
    • Communication and Promotion of Memory and Cultural Heritage in Digital Environments (1st December 2020)


Compulsoory activities for each curriculum (in accordance with the supervisor, PhD students may frequent in any case all proposed scientific activities):


For PhD students on the curriculum: Philosophy and History of Concepts

  • Seminars on Theoretical Philosophy organized by prof. Vinicio Busacchi
    I. Necessity and Possibility in Nicolai Hartmann (19-21 October 2020, with Dr. Simonluca Pinna)
    II. Theories of Truth (26-28 October 2020, with Dr. Pietro Salis)
  • Workshop organized by prof. Gabriella Baptist, G.W.F. Hegel 250 Years after his Birth: Another Philosophy of Spirit? (in November 2020)
  • International Conference on Reality, Realism, and Other Disputed Questions with Vincent Colapietro (Pennsylvania State University) and Giovanni Maddalena (University of Molise), organized by prof. Vinicio Busacchi (20 November 2020, more detailed informations will follow)
  • Workshop organized by prof. Gabriella Baptist, Which Sort of Phenomenology for the Unconsciousness? (in April 2021)


For PhD students on the curriculum: Logic and Epistemology

  • Conference by prof. Giuseppe Sergioli, Quantum inspired version of Machine Learning. A methodological approach and a biomedical application (11th December 2020)
  • Seminar by prof. Federico Holik (Instituto de Física La Plata, CONICET, Argentina), Quantum Probability and Contextuality (in the summer term, here the abstract and other references: Holik-CagliariPhD-Abstract)
  • Doctoral Course: Introduction to Quantum Information Theory, by Dr. Martin Bosyk (Instituto de Física La Plata – Conicet – UNLP) 11 lessons of 3 hours each (more detailed informations will follow). Contacts:;;


For PhD students on the curriculum: Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences

  • Workshop on the Promotion of Inclusion with the participation of colleagues from the Pedagogical State University of Minsk, supported by the Consulate of Belarus Republic in Sardinia (organized by prof. Donatella Rita Petretto, in the winter term)
  • Seminars on Psychology of Disability (organized by prof. Donatella Rita Petretto, two hours each, monthly): “UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Promotion of Wellbeing: the Contribution of the Psychology of Disability
    • I: Reasonable Accommodation and design for all (October 2020)
    • II: Disability and life cycle (November 2020)
    • III: Inclusion at School and University (December 2020)
    • IV:  Social Inclusion and Reduction of Inequalities (January 2020)
  • Program Visiting Professor/Scientist 2019-2020, lectures by prof. Stephen Seligman (University of California San Francisco) on The Contribution of Attachment and Intersubjectivity Theories for Children’s Mental Health: a Longitudinal Empirical Study from Infancy to Preschool Years (organized by prof. Laura Vismara, May 2021)
  • Lecture by prof. Cyril Tarquinio (Director of “Centre Pierre Janet”, “Master de Psychologie clinique”, Université de Lorraine site de Metz, UFR Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Département de Psychologie) on Adverse Experiences in Childhood, Psychopathology and Chronic Illness (June 2021)


During the academic year 2020/2021 the University of Cagliari will organize for all PhD students the following courses:

  • European Planning, organized by prof. Roberto Di Quirico (November 2020)
  • Intellectual Property and Valorization of Research Results, in collaboration with Unica Industrial Liaison Office and Sardegna Ricerche (March 2021)
  • Presenting Research Results, Writing an Article, Organizing a Seminar (April 2021)
  • Popularization of Science (May-June 2021)


Other activities will be announced on these pages.

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