XXXV Cycle
Area of Expertise Scientific Interests
PELLIGRA Vittorio   Economics Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Social Preferences; Social Cognitive Neurosciences
ARESU   Simone   Business Administration Impression Management in Corporate Reporting; Corporate Governance; Management Accounting Systems
BALIA   Silvia   Economics Health Economics; Individual and Household Choices; Applied Microeconometrics
BELLA   Giovanni   Economics Business Cycles and Economic Indeterminacy; Monetary Policy; Endogenous Growth.
CABIDDU   Francesca   Management Dynamic Capabilities; Marketing Strategy; Digital Business.
CARE’   Rosella   Banking and Finance Social & Sustainable Finance; Impact Investing; Climate Risks & Financial Stability.
CASTRIOTTA Manuel Business Organization Organizing for Innovation; Entrepreneurship and Creative Hubs; Organizational Design and Change.
CERINA   Fabio   Economics Macroeconomics, Spatial Economics, Political Economy.
CONVERSANO   Claudio   Statistics Computational finance; Big Data; Machine Learning.
DEIANA Claudio Economics Public Economics; Economics of Crime; Health Economics.
DESSI’   Cinzia   Management Family Business Research; Entrepreneurship; Project Management.
DI GUARDO   Maria Chiara   Business Organization Innovation Management and Organization; Entrepreneurship; Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage.
DI LIBERTO   Adriana   Economics Economic Growth and Human Capital; Economics of Education; Microeconometrics and Policy Evaluation.
FLORIS Michela Management
FRIGAU   Luca   Statistics Machine Learning; Computational Statistics; Image Analysis.
LOI   Michela   Management Entrepreneurial Learning; Entrepreneurial Organizations, Entrepreneurship Education.
MARKU   Elona   Management Innovation Management; Strategic Management; Digital Transformation.
MARROCU   Emanuela   Econometrics Spatial Econometrics and Time series; Regional and Tourism Economics; Knowledge diffusion and Innovative performance
MASALA   Giovanni   Mathematical Economics Financial risk theory; Energy Economics; Stochastic Modeling.
MASSIDDA   Carla   Economics Environmental Economics; Economics of Immigration; Tourism Economics
MATTA   Stefano   Economics Mathematica Economics, General Equilibrium Theory, Networks
MELIS   Andrea   Business Administration Corporate Governance; Behavioural Accounting; Social and Environmental Reporting.
MELIS   Giuseppe   Management Marketing; Brand Destination Management; Value-co-creation.
MODICA   Patrizia   Business Administration Tourism Studies; Sustainable Tourism Indicators; Accounting and Business History
MOLA   Francesco   Statistics
MONFARDINI   Patrizio   Business Administration Public management; Performance Measurement and Management; Social and Environmental Performance
MORO   Alessio   Economics
MURA   Alessandro   Business Administration Earnings management;  Transfer pricing; Financial and tax accounting;
NIEDDU Marco Economics Public Economics; Applied Microeconometrics; Development economics
PAGLIETTI Paola Business Administration Integrated reporting, Capital market research, Accounting information quality
PAVAN   Aldo   Business Administration Public Sector Management
PINNA Anna Economics
PINNA   Roberta   Business Organization Digital innovations in Healthcare; Patient Engagement; Social Media and Health Literacy
REGINATO   Elisabetta   Business Administration Public Sector Accounting and Controls; Accountability in Health Care Sector, Performance Management
ROMBI Luigi Business Administration Corporate Governance; Director’s compensation; Management Accounting Systems
SPANO   Alessandro   Business Administration Business Analytics, Blockchain and Other new Technologies in Private and Public Organizations; Performance management
SULIS   Giovanni   Economics Labour economics; Microeconometrics; Gender
USAI   Stefano   Applied Economics Regional Economics; Technological Change; Economic Growth
VENTURI   Beatrice   Mathematical Economics Dynamical Systems; Bifurcations Theory and Shilnikov Chaos.
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