Area Scientific Interests
PELLIGRA Vittorio   Economics Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Social Preferences; Social Cognitive Neurosciences
ARESU   Simone   Business and Management Impression Management in Corporate Reporting; Corporate Governance; Management Accounting Systems
BALIA   Silvia   Economics Health Economics; Individual and Household Choices; Applied Microeconometrics
BELLA   Giovanni   Economics Business Cycles and Economic Indeterminacy; Monetary Policy; Endogenous Growth.
CABIDDU   Francesca   Business and Management Dynamic Capabilities; Marketing Strategy; Digital Business.
CARE’   Rosella   Business and Management Social & Sustainable Finance; Impact Investing; Climate Risks & Financial Stability.
CASTRIOTTA Manuel Business and Management Organizing for Innovation; Entrepreneurship and Creative Hubs; Organizational Design and Change.
CERINA   Fabio   Economics Macroeconomics, Spatial Economics, Political Economy.
CONVERSANO   Claudio   Quantitative Methods Computational finance; Big Data; Machine Learning.
DEIANA Claudio Economics Public Economics; Economics of Crime; Health Economics.
DESSI’   Cinzia   Business and Management Family Business Research; Entrepreneurship; Project Management.
DI GUARDO   Maria Chiara   Business and Management Innovation Management and Organization; Entrepreneurship; Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage.
DI LIBERTO   Adriana   Economics Economic Growth and Human Capital; Economics of Education; Microeconometrics and Policy Evaluation.
FLORIS Michela Business and Management
FRIGAU   Luca   Quantitative Methods Machine Learning; Computational Statistics; Image Analysis.
LOI   Michela   Business and Management Entrepreneurial Learning; Entrepreneurial Organizations, Entrepreneurship Education.
MARKU   Elona   Business and Management Innovation Management; Strategic Management; Digital Transformation.
MARROCU   Emanuela   Economics Spatial Econometrics and Time series; Regional and Tourism Economics; Knowledge diffusion and Innovative performance
MASALA   Giovanni   Quantitative Methods Financial risk theory; Energy Economics; Stochastic Modeling.
MASSIDDA   Carla   Economics Environmental Economics; Economics of Immigration; Tourism Economics
MELIS   Andrea   Business and Management Corporate Governance; Behavioural Accounting; Social and Environmental Reporting.
MELIS   Giuseppe   Business and Management Marketing; Brand Destination Management; Value-co-creation.
MODICA   Patrizia   Business and Management Tourism Studies; Sustainable Tourism Indicators; Accounting and Business History
MOLA   Francesco   Quantitative Methods
MONFARDINI   Patrizio   Business and Management Public management; Performance Measurement and Management; Social and Environmental Performance
MORO   Alessio   Economics
MURA   Alessandro   Business and Management Earnings management;  Transfer pricing; Financial and tax accounting;
NIEDDU Marco Economics Public Economics; Applied Microeconometrics; Development economics
PAGLIETTI Paola Business and Management Integrated reporting, Capital market research, Accounting information quality
PINNA   Roberta   Business and Management Digital innovations in Healthcare; Patient Engagement; Social Media and Health Literacy
REGINATO   Elisabetta   Business and Management Public Sector Accounting and Controls; Accountability in Health Care Sector, Performance Management
ROMBI Luigi Business and Management Corporate Governance; Director’s compensation; Management Accounting Systems
SPANO   Alessandro   Business and Management Business Analytics, Blockchain and Other new Technologies in Private and Public Organizations; Performance management
SULIS   Giovanni   Economics Labour economics; Microeconometrics; Gender
USAI   Stefano   Economics Regional Economics; Technological Change; Economic Growth
VENTURI   Beatrice   Quantitative Methods Dynamical Systems; Bifurcations Theory and Shilnikov Chaos.
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