The School adopts the European Credits system (EC – CFR: Crediti di Formazione alla Ricerca). A student of the School must collect in the three years 180 CFRs according to the D.R. nr. 460 of 9/12/2005.

The 180 CFRs are partitioned as follows:

  • 30 CFRs are achieved attending lectures and national/international schools. A course of 32 hours corresponds to 4 CFRs. (From XXXII Cycle, 4 hours correspond to a CFR). At the beginning of the PhD, students must present a curriculum that must be approved by the PhD school Board. Students might choose among the different PhD-specific classes offered by the School and several courses of the Laurea Specialistica in Physics and/or related Degrees. Attendance at national/international Schools can be also included in the curriculum. Yearly, additional lecturing activities might be organised by the PhD school. Students must have accomplished their lecturing duty at the end of the second year, on pain of exclusion from the PhD school.The conversion table is as follows:
    CourseDurationEquivalent in CFR
    Special class for PhD32 hours 8
    Class of the Laurea Specialistica48 hours 6
    Concerning the attendance at Schools 1 CFR will be attributed for each effective day of activity at the School. CFRs will be attributed only upon presentation of the official program of the School.
  • Assistant activity: Each PhD student has to do tutoring activity at least once during the PhD time. This activity should last 40 hours and will be associated with 10 CFRs. The course for which the tutoring will be activated will be decided by the Board of the School according to the needs expressed by the Director of the Physics Department. A PhD student might do a second tutoring activity lasting a maximum of 40 hours. If remunerated, the activity will not attribute any CFRs. All the assistant activities must be approved by the Supervisor of the PhD student and by the Board of the PhD School independently of their character.

The remaining 150 CFRs should be acquired as follows:

  • A seminar given at the end of each year: 45-63 CFRs. The commission judges the quality of the seminar and attributes the following CFRs: 15 CFR sufficient, 17 CFR fair, 19 CFR good, 21 CFR excellent
  • Scientific activity: 75-100 CFRs. The following rank is adopted for papers, conferences and workshops:
    • Paper published in peer-review journals: 35 CFRs
    • Paper published in Proceedings of a conference: 10 CFRs
    • Other (internal reports with review , etc.): 10 CFRs
    • Attendance at a conference with an oral presentation given by the student: 20 CFRs
    • Attendance at a conference with a poster presentation given by the student: 5 CFRs
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