PhD Students

XXXIII cycle — 2017–2020
Nome TutorProgetto
Samuel BelinRudolf Oldeman/Giulia MancaStudies of charmonium and open charm production
in lead-lead collisions at LHCb
Antonio CappaiClaudio MelisAtomistic investigation of conjugated polymers for thermoelectric applications: from morphology to transport properties.
Alex ChauvinAlessandro De FalcoDimuon production at forward rapidity in ALICE
Chiara FaisPaolo Ruggerone/ Attilio V. VargiuComputational studies on pharmaceutical targets in human diseases
Roberta FarrisVincenzo Fiorentini/Alessio FilippettiFerroicity, thermopower and thermal conduction in oxides
Michela LaiWalter BoniventoNeutrino and dark matter interactions in the DarkSide experiment.
Stefania PorcuPiercarlo RicciNovel organic compounds for photonic and catalytic applications
XXXII cycle — 2016–2019
Nome TutorProgetto
Andrea BasciuPaolo Ruggerone,
Attilio V. Vargiu
A protocol to improve the predictive power of molecular docking
Davide BrunduAlessandro CardiniSearch for the rare decays D0->hhee in the LHCb experiment
Carlo FloreUmberto D'Alesio,
Francesco Murgia
Spin effects in perturbative QCD
Angelo LoiAdriano LaiDevelopment of a silicon 4D tracking detector for future LHC high luminosity experiments (TIMESPOT project)
Paola MocciMatteo Ceccarelli, Giancarlo CappelliniElectronic and Optical properties of 2D systems
Elisa PinnaGuido MulaImpregnated porous silicon for technological applications
Qingqian WangMichele SabaLasing property of 2d organic-inorganic perovskite'
XXXI cycle — 2015–2018
Nome TutorProgetto
Mauro CaravatiCorrado CicalòThe ReD experiment in DarkSide's Program: nuclear recoils for dark matter studies.
Xueqing ChangMichele SabaLead-free Germanium Perovskites
Parul JainMariano CadoniHolographic entanglement entropy.
Sara LoruNicolò D'AmicoModelling high-resolution spatially resoved Supernova Remnants radio spectra
Nicola SestuGiovanni Bongiovanni,
Andrea Mura
Photophysics of lead halide perovskites
Mariavitalia TiddiaGuido MulaFabrication and study of hybrid organic/inorganic structures.
Matteo TuveriMariano CadoniHolography, Black Holes and the Dark Universe
XXX cycle — 2014–2017
Dehbia BenkerrouMatteo CeccarelliIn silico study of antibiotics translocation through porins from Gram-negative bacteria
Matteo CadedduAlessandro CardiniFeasibility studies for a directional Dark Matter argon detector at LNGS
Riccardo DettoriLuciano ColomboThermal diffusion and colored energy dissipation in hydrogen bonded liquids
Francesca LoiNicolò D'AmicoIntracluster magnetic fields studies
Valerio SarritzuFrancesco QuochiNovel light-emitting materials
Fabiana ScaranoLuciano BurderiSpectral Analysis of low mass X-ray binaries: an Iron featuress source
XXIX cycle — 2013–2016
Silvia Acosta GutierrezMatteo CeccarelliWater-based screening of antibiotic permeability
Violetta CogoniAlessandro CardiniUpgraded Muon Detector performance studies and muon identification algorithm improvement
Edgardo FranzinMariano CadoniAspects of Black Hole Physics: Scalar Sources, Holography and Gravitational Wave Emission
Krishnan Ramaswamy VenkataPaolo Ruggerone,
Attilio V. Vargiu
Comparative Study of RND Efflux Pumps: Insights from MD Simulations and Binding Pocket Characterization
Claudia VaccaBiagio SaittaMeasurement of the absolute branching fraction of the decay Λc→Kpπ in a model independent way
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