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Seminar (online)
20 November 2021
Seminar with Francisco Adonay Molina Avilés (Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador), Roberto Ricciu and Gianluca Gatto


Seminar (online)
20 November 2021, 16:00 – 20:00


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The latest “home” meetings such as the G20 and COP 26 show us the need for a further acceleration towards the European GREEN DEAL. With this intervention, prof. Molina of the Don Bosco University in San Salvador shows us that these needs are not only European and are not just high-income states per capita but that the ideas of circular economy, renewable energy sources, better efficiency in energy management are the paradigms of a fairer and ever more universal society.


Francisco Adonay Molina Avilés
“Local and Regional Electricity Market to the sustainable resources and friendlier with the environment”

Introduces Roberto Ricciu
Chairman Gianluca Gatto


Central America is a region of 7 countries, of which 6 are electrically interconnected, with a solid regulatory structure with an active and growing transactions over time electricity market. This supra-market above each local control area is an attractive mechanism for industries to acquire energy at better prices than those offered in local markets. In addition, at the level of each control area, it allows reducing the environmental footprint since inefficient generators, usually with more polluting technologies, can be displaced with cleaner generation in other countries. The purpose of the lesson is to show the characteristics of the regional energy market, the general regulatory framework on which it is based, the experience of companies accessing energy transactions with better prices and the substitution of inefficient and polluting generation for new technologies with sustainable resources and friendlier with the environment.


Lesson Time
Brief look at Central America, El Salvador and Don Bosco University 00:30
Local Electricity Markets and Regional Electricity Market 01:30
Regulatory Framework and Transactions 01:30
Opportunity for industries: tariffs and clean energy transactions 00:30
Differences with other electricity interconnections 00:30


Francisco Adonay Molina Avilés is Associate Professor to the program “Master Renewable Energy” at Don Bosco University (El Salvador) and Director of the Energy Masters Program. He is an Electrical Engineer, with a Master in Political Science, both from the José Simeón Cañas Central American University, El Salvador; and Master of Science in Power Electrical Engineering from the National Taiwan University, Taiwan. With more than 15 years of experience in the Operation and Control of Electric Power Systems, executing or directing studies related to energy projections, rate calculation, energy prospective analysis, among others. I have solid knowledge of the structure and regulation of the Salvadoran electricity market, as well as the Regional Electricity Market. His main interests are Automatic Generation Control, optimization of energy resources, energy dispatch through optimal bids in deregulated markets, studies of transitory stability and stable state of new generation projects, modeling of the control and operation of electrical power systems, analysis of reliability and technical and financial viability of new generation projects, energy price projections in the opportunity market and tariff analysis, energy audits and efficiency at the industry as well as residential.

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