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The PhD in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Cagliari stimulates students to find innovative solutions to unsolved problems in natural and urbanized environments. Examples of research topics are: historical and contemporary architecture, hydraulic and infrastructural works, natural and anthropic environment and landscape, with a particular focus on the links between environment, economy and society. The interdisciplinary of the PhD programme offers a unique and stimulating opportunity of integration of different expertise in fundamental and applied research for territorial management.

Academic programmes and research proposals are led through theoretical, fundamental and experimental studies, which can benefit from the technological support of instrumental laboratories. Furthermore, the PhD Board assures support and know-how for the design and set up of methodologies and models, for the quantitative study of natural and anthropic phenomena, for the study of materials and the definition of processes in the field of engineering, architecture and technologies.

The PhD programme provides the opportunity of cooperation and partnership with the international scientific community. Research topics are aimed at providing high-level and multi-sectoral contributions to transfer scientific advancements into valuable answers to technical and operational issues related to sustainable development and local government. The cultural inheritance of the school is reflected in the scientific production concerning the reuse and the enhancement of historical and contemporary architecture, the conservation and protection of the architectural and landscape heritage, urban planning, the management of water and transport resources, the protection and the safeguarding of territories from adverse meteorological events, the structural safety.

Career opportunities

PhD students will receive a high level training to face complex problems concerning the management of natural environment and urbanized territories, in its wider sense, in total compatibility with the sustainable environment development, the prevention and the mitigation of natural risks as well as the sensible use of natural resources

In addition to the academic opportunities in Italian and foreign universities and research institutes, this research experience shapes PhDs to become particularly skilled for executive roles in Public territorial and environmental Administrations, as well as in the private, technical, professional and business areas operating on the territorial and environmental fields.

Coordinator: Ivan Blečić
Vice-coordinator: Roberto Deidda
Contact: dotticar@unica.it

Academic board

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