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The PhD in Civil Engineering and Architecture puts the built environment and the territory at the centre of scientific interest, intended as a complex research field comprising the historical and contemporary built systems, road and hydraulic infrastructures, the environment, and the natural and human-made landscapes, with particular attention to the relationships among environment, economy and society. The vast field of investigation promotes an interdisciplinary vision of the problems and topics addressed, and favours the integration between fundamental and applied research.

Within this wide field of research, the primary objective of the PhD programme is to promote the training in research and the acquisition of methods and tools for conducting research projects, together with the ability to teach courses at the level of higher education. Particular attention is paid to the consolidation of the autonomous elaboration capacity of original research programs on the topics of the Doctorate.

The PhD also pursues technical and operational objectives, consistent with possible professional connotation of the disciplines of civil engineering and architecture, in which fundamental research is combined with applied research, with notable social repercussions. These objectives aim to strengthen the capacity of the PhD students to identify the existing relationships and interconnections between the engineering, architectural, technological, environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

For the development of doctoral research, the PhD promotes laboratory activities on engineering, architectural, technological, environmental, economic, and social aspects connected with the construction and integration of construction works, road and hydraulic infrastructures, natural water systems and soil defence systems.

The PhD has a strong international characterisation, provides for extended periods of research and study abroad, maintains collaborations and establishes co-supervision and cotutelle agreements with scholars and institutions abroad. Following the signing of agreements with École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Toulouse and Université Bordeaux Montaigne, the Doctorate offers the option for the respective PhD students to undertake joint educational paths, with the consequent release of the double degree.

The advanced knowledge and skills acquired during the doctoral course, and the constant stimulus deriving from the interdisciplinary context that characterises the Academic Board, contribute to the formation of PhD graduates, capable of addressing complex problems concerning transformations of the territory in its broadest sense, compatibly with a sustainable development of the environment, the prevention and mitigation of natural risks and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Career opportunities

PhD students will receive a high-level training to face complex problems concerning the management of natural environment and urbanized territories, in its wider sense, in total compatibility with the sustainable environment development, the prevention and the mitigation of natural risks as well as the sensible use of natural resources

In addition to the academic opportunities in Italian and foreign universities and research institutes, this research experience shapes PhDs to become particularly skilled for executive roles in public territorial and environmental administrations, as well as in the private, technical, professional, and business areas operating on the territorial and environmental fields.

Coordinator: Ivan Blečić
Vice-coordinator: Roberto Deidda
Contact: dotticar@unica.it

Academic board

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