Apr 252022

Doctoral Reserch Seminar by Mengyang Wu
29 April 2022


Friday 29 April 2022, 17:00-19:00
Aula ex Presidenza. Palazzo Cugia, Via Santa Croce 67

Doctoral Reserch Seminar by PhD student Mengyang Wu (supervisor Ivan Blečić)


In this seminar, Mengyang Wu will present the methodology and the results of her PhD research on “leftover spaces”, and will engage in a debate invited discussants and members of the PhD Academic Board.

The “leftover space” is often seen as “empty”, but is it really nothing? If the answer is no, is there any potential to reconnect people with its narrative? Is it possible to reimagine community activities?

We chose the district of Is Mirrionis in Cagliari as a pilot study, with the observation as the main method. During four months of fieldwork, we tracked the activities of the residents and recorded the spaces that seemed to be neglected. On this basis, the concept of the insertion of narrative units was proposed. Through the movement of the story line, it attempted to connect these fragmented spaces. This study also aims to provide a guiding reference for subsequent community transformation.




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