First Term (October 2020 – March 2021)

  1. Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business (Marrocu, Cannas, Deiana, Frigau, Ronchetti) (C)
  2. Qualitative Research Methods (Cabiddu, Del Chiappa, Dessì, Floris, Melis) (C)
  3. Introduction to Research Methodology (Pavan) (C)
  4. Literature review: data search and management (Isabella Fadda) (C)
  5. Behavioral and Experimental Economics  (Pelligra, Isoni, Medda) (C)


Second Term (April 2021 – September 2022)

Elective courses (O) will be activated according to the indications of the supervisors

  1. How to write an academic paper (Di Guardo, Patriotta, Castriotta) (C)
  2. Entrepreneurship: Theoretical foundation and recent debates (Loi) (E)
  3. Strategic Management (Marku) (E)
  4. A Human Right Based Approach to Tourism Indicators (Modica) (E)
  5. Climate risks in banking and finance research (Caré) (E)
  6. New frontiers in banking and finance research: impact investing and alternative finance (Caré) (E)
  7. Quantitative Finance (Masala) (E)
  8. Public Management (Pavan, Spano, Monfardini) (E)
  9. Emerging issues in Corporate Governance and Reporting (Melis) (E)
  10. Elements of financial statements and earnings management: theories and quantitative methods (Mura) (E)
  11. Impression Management in Corporate Reporting (Aresu) (E)
  12. Introduction to modern macroeconomic theory (Cerina) (E)
  13. An Introduction to General Equilibrium Theory (Matta) (E)
  14. Macroeconomic Models for Monetary Policy (Bella) (E)
  15. Models of Structural Transformation (Moro) (E)
  16. Simulation-based Maximum Likelihood for categorical data and finite mixtures in non-linear models (Balia) (E)
  17. Empirical Methods in Labour Economics (Sulis) (E)
  18. Policy evaluation: methods and applications (Di Liberto, Nieddu, Deiana) (E)
  19. Methods of Mathematical Economics (Venturi) (E)


Common courses (Dates TBA)

  1. EU Fund Rising and Project Planning (Quirico)
  2. Intellectual Property (Unica Industrial Liaison Office and Sardegna Ricerche)
  3. Scientific Results
  4. Inter-doctoral Symposium


(C = Compulsory Courses, E = Elective)

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