Research missions


Authorization requests to carry out research missions must be submitted through the electronic procedure. Doctoral students must always agree on the mission with their tutor. After the telematic request, they must present the original formal (see here), signed by the Tutor and the Coordinator, to the Depatment’s mission office, during the opening hours to the public.
If the mission is financed by the student’s own funds, from the second year on, the form must report the following formulation in the “Project UGOV / Funds on which to pay the costs” record: “Numero di ciclo” dei fondi di dottorato ai sensi dell’art. 12 c. 7 Regolamento dei corsi di dottorato di ricerca (rilasciato con D.R. n. 946 del 5.7.2013 e successive modifiche e ii)
Applications filled on the platform but non handled in paper form to the office will be considered NOT PRESENTED. The starting date of the request starts from the receipt of the same.
A student who is already authorized for a period of study abroad by the Faculty does not need any further authorization from the tutor to undertake the mission. Therefore, the request can be sent only electronically but must indicate the reference to the authorization of the Facilty.
The Depatment’s administrative office is available for any further inquiry.

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