Dottorandi del XXXVIII Ciclo


Laura PINNA (Tutor: Prof. Claudia Secci, Prof. Giovanni Bonaiuti)


Laura Pinna is a PHD student at the University of Cagliari in Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences, Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy, with a research project on the educational governance processes: pedagogy, communities, and educational spaces. She is graduated in Education Sciences at the University of Cagliari. Since 2004 she has been tutor organizer of the internship in the degree course of Primary Education Sciences and subject expert in General and Social Pedagogy at the same University. She has published several articles in pedagogical journals and collective texts on the following topics: a) Pedagogy and parenting. b) Profession of the pedagogist. c) Methodologies and educational practices in early and middle childhood. d) Teacher training. During her academic studies, she developed multiple research interests on educational and methodological aspects that may or may not favor the connection between the family and the childhood period 0-6 with public and private educational governance (schools-local authorities-cooperatives) in order to study the elements of change and identify improvement and innovation actions.
Her main research areas are pedagogical and educational policies and their effects on spaces, times, bodies, languages present in every educational event. She is currently carrying out her research under the supervision of professors Claudia Secci and Giovanni Bonaiuti.



Arianna CAREDDU (Tutor: Prof. Elisabetta Gola, Dr. Chiara Seazzu)


I am a PhD student at the University of Cagliari, working on a thesis on the philosophy of language under the supervision of Prof. Elisabetta Gola. My research is supported by a scholarship financed by Min. Dec. 351/2022, based on the NRRP – funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU. I graduated with a BA in Film Direction and Programming at the University of Rome “Roma3”, with a dissertation of Shakespearian comedy from the written text to its theatrical and film transpositions, supervised by Prof. Paola Bono. I then obtained a MA in Film and Screen Studies from the Goldsmiths College, University of London, with a dissertation on The use of colours in expanded cinema, under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Moore. My current research investigates the best practices in Public Administration communication, with a focus on how the use of metaphors can aid to be more effective and inclusive. A special focus will be devoted to the use of communication for overcoming the disability, gender and cultural divides, particularly through immersive contexts such as virtual reality and the metaverse. The thesis will be also based on the analysis of some case-studies on digital communication in public administration. The research finally aims at drafting and implementing guiding principles for inclusive communication.




Carmen PANNONE (Tutor: Prof.Giuliano Vivanet, Dr. Marta Pellegrini )


I am a Primary school teacher and a Ph.D. student in Philosophy, Epistemology, and Human Sciences at the University of Cagliari. I obtained a Master’s degree in Primary Education at the University of Florence in 2015. Since then, I have worked in primary schools, developing a particular interest in the Evidence-Based Education (EBE) approach. Therefore, my research interests the development and evaluation of educational practices and programs with strong evidence of effectiveness (‘what works under what circumstances’). Supervised by Profs. Giuliano Vivanet and Marta Pellegrini, my research project concerns effective practice to prevent school dropout (i.e., ESL or Early School Leaving). In particular, my work aims at discovering what has been experimented in the prevention of this phenomenon, synthesising the empirical research results. An ESL prevention program designed from both scientific evidence and analysis of the school context will be planned, implemented, and evaluated.





Luca FILACI (Tutor: Prof.ssa Gabriella Baptist, Prof. Felice Cimatti)


I am a Ph.D. student in ‘Philosophy, Epistemology and Human Sciences’ at the University of Cagliari. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Philosophy in 2021 at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome under the supervision of Prof. Furio Pesci, Prof. Silvano Zucal, and Prof. Mariano Luis Rodríguez González. For this Ph.D. the supervision will be of Prof. Gabriella Baptist and Prof. Felice Cimatti. The topic on which my research will focus is animality and its relevance within the current ecoclimatic crisis. The anthropocentric vision that characterizes Western culture will be investigated, also in light of the most recent discoveries in zoosemiotics and cognitive ethology. The intention is to offer a more integrated image of the human, less detached from the “natural“ world. Moving from categories of relationality and ecological interdependence, an anti-metaphysical representation will be proposed, which will try to overcome various dualisms that characterize our tradition, culturally and philosophically. This research will also be carried out by reconstructing the different philosophical perspectives that have addressed this issue within the history of ideas, bringing them up to date and discussing their centrality in our present.




Mario GARZIA (Tutor: Prof.ssa Elisabetta Gola, Prof. Emiliano Ilardi)



I graduated in Communication Sciences and got my MA in Philosophy and Theories of Communication at the University of Cagliari. My research interests cover mediology, storytelling, imagery, and new technologies in the fields of video games and publishing. The focus of my research is the analysis of the outbreak phenomenon of the representation of psychotherapy in the imagery of new tv seriality. My aim is providing a metaphorical interpretation of the social changes in the digital media sphere, with particular reference to the collective anguish of present times.






Gian Pietro CARROGU (Tutor: Prof.ssa Donatella Petretto, Prof. Eraldo Nicotra)

Gian Pietro CARROGU

He is a Pedagogist, PhD student in Philosophy, Epistemology and Human Sciences, with clinical experience in the field of clinical psychology of aging and disability. Author of chapters of book and of scientific papers on the promotion of longevity, active ageing, inclusion of people with disabilities. Previously scholarship at the University of Cagliari in the field of research on visual disturbances in children, adulthood and advanced phases of life. Internship fellow at the Service for inclusion and learning at  the University of Cagliari and with the Clinical Psychology research group and co-author of the monitoring plan for architectural barriers, shared with the public works sector of the University in order to overcome the critical issues that have emerged. Currently, he is a  PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Donatella Rita Petretto. Field of research: the study of inclusive processes and accessibility in the field of digital citizenship in order to ensure equal opportunities for people with disability (according with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (U.N., 2006), with the European Strategy 2021-2030 and with the D.M. 09/02/2022); the study of useful indicators in order to evaluate the impact of inclusive processes and accessibility to IT and information services and the environments of the Public Administration and all contexts of life and citizenship. The research project is funded by Ministerial Decree n. 351 of 9 April 2022, based on the PNR – funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU – Mission 4 “Education and Research”, Component 1 ; Enhancement of the offer of educational services: from nurseries to universities” Investment 4.1 “Extension of the number of research doctorates and innovative doctorates for public administration and cultural heritage”.


Kheloud Mohamed Ramzy SHOUSHOU (Tutor: Prof. Alessandro Ottaviani, Prof.ssa Nunzia Palmieri)

Kheloud Mohamed Ramzy SHOUSHOU

I completed my bachelor and master degrees in Modern philology. I am currently a PhD student in Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences at the University of Cagliari, with a research project on Italian epistolography of the twentieth century.My main interest is the epistolary writings of Umberto Saba. The aims of my thesis are to:
– Maintain the centrality of the investigation and the gaze fixed on the letters as a work in themselves.
– Highlight the romance intent in the letters.
– Demonstrate how, in the epistolary writing of Saba, it is the narration itself that performs the function of unifying element.






Andrea MANUNZA (Tutor: Prof. Ferdinando Fornara, Dott.ssa Oriana Mosca)


He is a PhD student in Philosophy, Epistemology and Human Sciences, specifically in the Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences curriculum. Her research project concerns the investigation of psycho-social variables related to sustainable transportation choices. More broadly, his main research interests are in social psychology, particularly environmental psychology, health psychology, and sport psychology.
Andrea Manunza is graduated in Developmental Psychology and Socio-occupational Processes from the University of Cagliari obtained in February 2022. He has conducted research on the relationship between emotional intelligence and couple relationships, in particular he also investigated other variables such as sexual satisfaction, couple satisfaction and self differentiation. He completed his post-lauream internship on March 15, 2023 and is currently a full-time PhD student.

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