Dottorandi del XXXVII Ciclo


Nicolò ZAMPERLIN (Tutor: Prof. Francesco Paoli)


I completed my bachelor and master degrees in Philosophy at the University of Padua, the former one under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Scilironi, the latter one under Prof. Massimiliano Carrara. I also graduated in Logic at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam, under the joint supervision of Prof. Robert van Rooij and Prof. Massimiliano Carrara. In both my master theses I studied formal semantics for vague statements. The main areas of my research interest are philosophy of language and formal logic, in particular algebraic logic, which I am currently studying under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Paoli.






Ludovica FANNI (Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bonaiuti)

Ludovica FANNI

Ludovica Fanni is a pedagogist and hr. She graduated in “Management of educational services” in 2019 and in 2020 she pursued a Master in Human Resources focused on guidance and tutoring. She collaborated in the POT project “Orientation and tutoring paths to promote academic and professional success” of the local unit of the University of Cagliari. Currently, she is a PhD student in “Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences” at University of Cagliari, where she’s developing a research project on the possibility to use a digital tool that aims to support human science student during their university studies. The main ares of her research interest concerns the curricular academic internships and students professional development connected to digital technologies and methodologies.





Luca GAVIANO (Tutor: Prof.ssa Donatella Petretto)


Luca Gaviano is a PHD student in Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences, Department of Education, Philosophy and Psychology, University of Cagliari, with research project on the Clinical Psychology of Ageing.
He published chapters on books and papers in peer-reviewed journals on the following topics:
– Promotion of health and wellbeing
– Semantic of ageing
– Cognitive ageing and Neurocognitive Disorders
– Psychology of Disability
He participates in national and international research programs on the same topic.
He is a chartered psychologist with clinical experience in Clinical Psychology of Ageing and of Disability.
He is graduated in Psychology at the University of Cagliari.



Andres Camilo GRANDA ARANGO (Tutor: Prof. Giuseppe Sergioli; co-tutors: Dott. Gustavo Martin Bosyk, Dott. Federico Hernan Holik)


I got my master degree in Physics at the University of Antioquia-Colombia, with a thesis entitled “Asymptotic quantum mechanics for N coupled oscillators”. Since then, I am a PhD scholar at the University of Cagliari. My field of research includes the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, particularly focused on the problem of how is the connection that exists between two apparently different theories: classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. My recent contributions are subject to the creation of a new mathematical formalism, called asymptotic quantum mechanics, based on probability density, asymptotic behaviors and Fourier transforms, which has allowed to recover classical probability densities plus quantum-like corrections in physical systems such as the harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom, particles enclosed in flat and spherical wells, free fall and recently in particles with relativistic characteristics. The current goal of my research is to incorporate machine learning. That is, using machine learning techniques, we will focus on the classification problem to try to discern whether certain states that a source has are intertwined or not, whether they exhibit coherence or not, or whether that particular quantum system was able to reach its classical limit.




Stefania FALCHI (Tutor: Prof. Antioco Luigi Zurru; co-tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bonaiuti)

Stefania FALCHI

After a graduation in “Primary Education” at the University of Cagliari under the supervision of Prof. Antioco Luigi Zurru, in 2021 Stefania Falchi did a master’s degree in “SLD (Specific Learning Disorders), SEN (Special Education Needs) and Developmental Disorders. Psychopedagogy, Teaching Methods, Computational Thinking (Coding) and Didactics of inclusion” at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo.

Currently, she is a PhD student in “Philosophy, Epistemology, Human Sciences” (NOP R&I on Green subjects) at University of Cagliari, where she is developing a research project on the possibility to generate renewed green learning environments and opportunities derived from the ecological transition in primary school. Her main research interests are pedagogy, primary education, innovation in teaching practice and teacher professional development.

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