Dottorandi del XXXIV Ciclo


Alice GUERRIERI (Tutor: Prof.ssa Elisabetta Gola, Prof.ssa Ervas) – Tecnologie per le produzioni audio-video, gaming ed editoria digitale (PON Ricerca e Innovazione) 


She is graduated in Art History and she is specialized in master’s degree Management of communication product and services. Her research interests include visual communication, metaphorical representation of cultural processes and technology innovation for e-learning. She participated in national projects: “LITTERA – Literature and Information Technology: extended texts and Augmented Reality” (09/2019-05/2020) and “Cluster top-down “Pac-Pac”- point-and-click and cultural heritage” (05/2019-10/2019). She collaborated as tutor of Communication Sciences degree (2014-2019). Publications: (1) Guerrieri A., La miniera e il suo immaginario artistico (paper) in Gola E., Ilardi E. (curated by), IMMAGINARI DAL SOTTOSUOLO. Le aree minerarie all’epoca del web: il caso Sardegna, Manifestolibri Roma, 2020, pp.33-70. (2) Capaldi D., Gola E., Guerrieri A., Ilardi E., Insegnare la Storia con le serie TV. Il medioevo visto con gli occhi de Il trono di spade (paper) in RiMe n. 1/I n. s., dic. 2017, pp.127-137. (2) Guerrieri A., La donna nella pittura di Giuseppe De Nittis, l’arte, la moda e la vie moderne (essay), Maremmi Editori, Firenze 2010.




Lucrezia PELIZZON (Tutor: Prof. Francesco Paoli) – Emozione e deduzione. Componenti emotive nei comportamenti inferenziali


I graduated in Philosophical Disciplines from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and I am a PhD student in Logic and Epistemology at University of Cagliari. My research interest is focussed on the relationship between inferential processes and emotions. In particular I aim to understand the positive effects that emotions can have on deductive reasoning. I am improving my knowledge of Informal Logic and of Psychology of Reasoning and I am training my expertise to use experimental methods to empirically verify logical behaviour.






Andrea SPANO  (Tutor: Prof.ssa Claudia Secci) – Educazione professionale e formazione umana tra teoria e pratica

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Matteo VAROLI (Tutor: Prof.ssa Elisabetta Cattanei) – Le matematiche nella letteratura pseudopitagorica


In 2018, I graduated in Classical Philology from Università degli Studi di Genova, with a dissertation on the treatise On the Nature of the Cosmos and the Soul, falsely attributed to Timaeus of Locri. I am currently a PhD student of Philosophy at Università degli Studi di Cagliari; the aim of my research project, which consists of a collection, translation and commentary on Greek and Latin fragments and testimonia, is to investigate sources for Hellenistic and Post-Hellenistic Pythagorean mathematics, especially in the Pythagorean Apocrypha, meaning by this term the field of knowledge which the Ancients called mathemata, namely arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy, with a glance to practical disciplines such as optics and mechanics, and even to what we consider as pseudo-sciences, arithmology and astrology. I’ve recently published an article (on Lexis 2019) dealing with some Pythagorean Apocrypha (Archytas, On Intelligence and Sense Perception; Brotinos; Aresas; Ekkelos) linked to the Platonist exegesis of Plato’s Republic. I’ve also given a talk in an international context, during the 10th edition of the Atelier “Pseudopythagorica” promoted by CNRS and LabEx Hastec in Paris (October 2nd, 2019), on questions about physics, astronomy, and exegesis in the treatise On the Nature of the Cosmos and the Soul. Amongst my research interests, there are ancient physics, cosmology and metaphysics, Pythagoreanism, Neopythagoreans, Pythagorean Apocrypha, the history of Platonism and the Old Academy, history of ancient sciences, music, arithmetic and astronomy, tradition and exegesis of philosophical and mathematical texts in Antiquity, pseudepigraphy in the Greek and Roman world. Ph.D. Thesis


Riccardo BONFIGLIOLI (Tutor: Prof.ssa Angela Taraborrelli) – Per una mappa concettuale della natura umana in Adam Smith

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Riccardo Bonfiglioli graduated in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Bologna under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Burgio. He has carried out inquiries into german area authors (Kant, Freud, Adorno, Marcuse) and french area authors (Voltaire, Montesquieu).  PhD student in Political Philosophy under the supervision of Prof. Angela Taraborrelli, Prof. Laurent Jaffro and Prof. Michele Bee at the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy of the University of Cagliari, he is doing a research in co-agreement with PHARE on the concept of human nature and the self within the framework of Adam Smith’s political thought.





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