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Sustainability 2019, 11(18), 4962

“The interrelations between cities, inland areas, connecting road networks, urban, and political polarities have evolved, thereby determining economic, social, and place-based impacts. Thus, via a case study of Sardinia island (Italy), this study analyses regional transport data to evaluate the interrelations and mobility issues between the main cities and the settlement geographies of internal areas with a predominantly agricultural vocation […]” Continue reading »

 Posted by on 27 Settembre 2019  Articoli su rivista  Commenti disabilitati su Garau C., Desogus G., Coni M. (2019), “Fostering and Planning a Smart Governance Strategy for Evaluating the Urban Polarities of the Sardinian Island (Italy)”
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FAMagazine, no. 45/46, 2019

“What is the difference between the Broadacre City model and popular drone views simulations used to promote future sustainable cities? Between an interior space designed by Tessenow and a look through 3D glasses?” Continue reading »

 Posted by on 11 Settembre 2019  Articoli su rivista  Commenti disabilitati su Marco Moro, “‘Through the looking-glass’. The narrative applied to the counter-story of territorial planning”
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ARTEOFICIO, no 15. ‘Oficio y Teoria’ (Marzo 2020)

“The paper chooses to investigate a sensitive stege still distant from this moment of seduction: theory as a pedagogical practice and education as a privileged space for critical reflection…” Continue reading »

 Posted by on 8 Settembre 2019  Articoli su rivista  Commenti disabilitati su Marco Moro, “Behind the moment of seduction. Pedagogy as a non-theoretical project in E.N. Rogers and Enrico Tedeschi”
Apr 232017

Journal Of Agricultural Engineering, vol. XLVIII(s1):635; p. 36-47 Continue reading »

 Posted by on 23 Aprile 2017  Articoli su rivista  Commenti disabilitati su De Montis A, Ganciu A, Recanatesi F, Ledda A, Serra V, Barra M, De Montis S (2017) “The scientific production of Italian agricultural engineers: a bibliometric network analysis concerning the scientific sector “AGR/10 – Rural buildings and agro-forestry territory””
Nov 272016

MONU Magazine, “Domestic Urbanism”, n. 24 (April 2016)

“The Athfield House and Office, expanding down a steep Wellington hillside since 1965, was conceptualised as an alternative to the way people in New Zealand commonly live – in detached suburban houses – and the way they often worked: many miles from home, commuting by car, bus or train. Instead, this complex has some 40 people working in it and 25 living in it. […] This paper presents a textual and diagrammatic analysis of the Athfield House and Office and uses its ideas and strategies as the basis.” Continue reading »

 Posted by on 27 Novembre 2016  Articoli su rivista  Commenti disabilitati su Moro Marco, Gatley J., Ferreli S. (2016), “Live/Work/Play: Learning from Athfield House and Office”
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