Courses 2018


The students interested in a course, should contact the lecturer or the organizer in advance.

Title:  An introduction to Mathematical Theory of Control
Lecturer: Vasile Staicu
Lecture Slides are available here
Period: May 7,9,11 2018 (6 hrs)
Language: English


Title: Using a Lean Startup approach to launch a Blockchain-enabled innovative Startup
Lecturer: Xiaofeng Wang
Period: March 2018 (8 hrs, 1.5 CFR)
Language: English


Title: Numerical solution of least squares problems
Lecturer: Giuseppe Rodriguez
Period: March 2018 (20 hrs, 4 CFR)
Language: Italian


Title: Introduzione alla Topologia Differenziale
Lecturer: Andrea Loi
Period: March 2018 (48 hrs, 6 CFR)
Language: Italian


Title: Electromagnetism and electrical circuits for mathematicians
or, in alternative,
Title: Introduction to algebraic logic
Lecturer: Hector Freytes
Period: May 2018 (20 hrs, 4 CFR)
Language: English


Title: Calculus of variations, isoperimetric inequalities, and eigenvalue problems
Lecturer: Marcello Lucia (contact Antonio Greco for information)
Period: May-June 2018 (20 hrs, 4 CFR)
Language: English


Title:  Microservices
Lecturer: Davide Taibi
Period: June 11 2018 (8 hrs)
Language: English

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